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I began my career as an IT Auditor where I performed and oversaw controls testing of IT systems. The times I felt most enthused about my work was when I was performing technical work (i.e., developing PowerShell scripts to automate tasks, performing data analysis using BI tools, writing out complex Excel formulas, or researching new tools or processes to streamline tedious work). I am grateful for my career in IT audit as being in a client-facing and team-lead role taught me how to be an effective communicator and a better leader. However, I knew I wanted to do more technical work. I decided to career-transition into software so that I could do more of the type of work that I truly enjoy.


Undergoing a career-transition is scary to say the least. There is so much uncertainty because you don’t know where you will end up, but what I do know for certain is that it was the right choice for me. I made this website to showcase what I have learned and to pick up new skills along the way.

I designed this site in Figma (check out the wireframes here), built it using pure CSS, and even got to learn TypeScript. I used the Next.js React framework for optimal performance. This was such a cool project as I was able to unleash my creative side, all while learning and solving interesting technical challenges.


I am excited for what is next and hope that this website will continue to evolve as I become a better engineer. Thanks for reading my story.


Rate the Review

Rate the Review

Rate the Review is an interactive web app game that challenges users to guess the rating of local restaurants’ Yelp reviews. I integrated features such as authentication, leaderboard, and an overall enjoyable user experience that is accessible on desktop and mobile devices alike. With Rate the Review, users can learn about new restaurants and put their deduction skills to the test while having fun. Give it a try at playratethereview.com.



AMAZAM is an e-commerce website that provides an intuitive shopping experience where customers can view product information, browse related products, read and add reviews, and search and answer questions about the products.

Old School

Old School

Old School is an online content-sharing platform for senior citizens where they can share videos, blogs, and autobiographies. Taking into account the target audience, accessibility was at the forefront of all design and functionality decisions: - Users authenticate with their Google account so they won’t have to memorize yet a new set of credentials - Site is screen-reader firendly with a ‘Skip to Main Content” button that enhacens the site navigation UX for users for visual and/or fire motor skills impairement - Color scheme users warm tones that causes less eye strain and has high contract to aid visibility - Large text and buttons were used throughout for ease of reading and navigation


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